Biggest IPL Scam | The Arcane Shorts | #shorts #thearcaneshorts #trending #ipl2022 #cricket Cricketinbuz

Biggest IPL Scam | The Arcane Shorts | #shorts #thearcaneshorts #trending #ipl2022 #cricket

Biggest IPL Scam | The Arcane Shorts | #shorts #thearcaneshorts #trending #ipl2022 #cricket Detail

Lights, camera, action – this version of the ‘Indian Premier League (IPL) had every recipe expected from the sporting spectacle sans the usual pomp and show, star players, or franchises such as Mumbai Indians, Gujarat Titans, Royal Challengers Bangalore, etc.
The enactment was pulled off with such finesse that it convinced some Russians to bet on the matches, only to find it later that they were putting their money on something that doesn’t even exist.
Some laborers and unemployed youth from Molipur village in Gujarat set up an entire fake IPL tournament and live-streamed it on YouTube for two weeks. That’s how they managed to almost dupe some Russian gamblers of thousands of pounds
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