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Hankenstein & Cricket Slayer – The Cramp Twins

Hankenstein & Cricket Slayer – The Cramp Twins Detail

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Episode 33 – The Cramp Twins
During the school holidays the school is going to be disinfected and the school pets may die if nobody takes them home. Wendy wants to take home the huge cute pink rabbit Sheena, but nobody wants to take home the little psychopathic rabbit Hank. Lucien decides that he will have to take him in the hope that he can help to reform him by showing him love. Lucien ends up severely scratched and bitten before it is discovered that the only one who can control Hank is Wayne – by shouting. Wayne takes over the rabbit, renaming him Hankenstein and training him to do whatever he says, but it takes a lot of shouting. When Wayne loses his voice, Hankenstein goes wild and runs away. Lucien gets the blame and although he searches long and hard he can’t find him. At the end of the holidays however, Tony discovers that Hankenstein and the other school rabbit, Sheena (who has also run away, this time from Wendy’s) have made a nest in the Parson’s family food store. The two rabbits appear to be in love, but now that Hankenstein seems placid rather than psychopathic, Wayne refuses to accept that it is him. Wayne searches for what he thinks is the real Hankenstein in the swamp and spotting another rabbit, chases after it hoping it is his rabbit. When he follows it in to a nearby shed, what he finds is that he is now trapped with the psychopathic offspring of Hankenstein.

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