Harsha Bhogle on Cricket | Relation with Kohli, Sachin & Dhoni | Karishma Mehta | EP 01 | HOB Cricketinbuz

Harsha Bhogle on Cricket | Relation with Kohli, Sachin & Dhoni | Karishma Mehta | EP 01 | HOB

Harsha Bhogle on Cricket | Relation with Kohli, Sachin & Dhoni | Karishma Mehta | EP 01 | HOB Detail

Very excited to present to you our first guest – the man who made cricket poetry – Mr. Harsha Bhogle – the voice of cricket!
In this episode, Mr. Bhogle opened up like never before and showered us with anecdotes after anecdotes – from encounters with young Sachin to an intimate dinner with MS Dhoni to even a sneak peek into his not-so-known love story. Mr. Bhogle was at his candid best, he even addressed the 2016 BCCI controversy!
The wit and charm that he is known for on the field accompanied him here, onto our coffee table.
This episode is sure to leave you inspired to hone your passions!
And so, over an exchange of stories, we asked the man himself – How The Hell Did You Do It?

“How The Hell Did I Do It?” is a Humans of Bombay Original – a talk show where we speak with the dreamers, the pioneers, the go-getters and the never-say-no’ers from all walks of life. We discuss their journeys – the highs, the lows and even the blows. And through our candid conversations, we try to decode the human behind the name, and get pretty close to figuring out – How The Hell Did They Do It?

0:00 Introduction to the show
1.49 Earliest cricket memories
4:21 On childhood and formative years
7:15 First tryst with public speaking & All India Radio
9:52 First commentary
10:55 Life at IIM Ahmedabad
12:43 Meeting his wife
14:12 Work life before commentary
14:54 Initial days as a commentator
20:51 Journey towards commentating professionally
23:17 Camaraderie with Tendulkar, Dravid, Kumble & Ganguly
26:22 The start of the “TV Presenter” era
27:29 On the art of commentating
29:10 BCCI Controversy & after effects
33:19 Favorite piece of commentary
34:29 Best Indian Captain
35:26 On Dhoni
37:00 On family
38:24 Things about you Google doesn’t know
39:05 Favourite cricketer
39:35 Player he enjoyed commentating the most for
40:37 Favourite moment in sports
41:40 Favourite team jersey
42:09 On relationships
43:13 Backstory of an old image
44:14 Piece of advice to younger self
45:03 Parting words
45:55 Next guest

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