Why Every IPL Jersey has Jio 🤔 Cricketinbuz

Why Every IPL Jersey has Jio 🤔

Why Every IPL Jersey has Jio 🤔 Detail

Did you know that when it comes to marketing in the IPL, Jio conducts considerable research?
Yes! Reliance There are several reasons why Jio is the most remembered brand in the IPL.
Consider this: when viewing an IPL match, the camera is usually trained on the batter. We can only see the batsman’s “leading arm” and not his torso or chest because of his stance.
Jio recognises this, which is why, rather than spending 35 crores for the main sponsor, they are taking the lead on many teams.
This raises brand awareness and proves to be a wise investment for the telecom company.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is innovative and smart? Or just a fluke? Tell us in the comments and as always,
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